FS: PS2 Korean Stick Sold!

I’m selling my old korean stick. It’s for PS2. It works perfect with ps2>ps3 usb adapters.

I know it might not look as nice since it’s been modded that’s why I’m selling it cheap. On the plus side you have handle on it (I can remove this) or you can open it up and store the cord inside (see the hinges on one side, there’s a latch on the other)

It’s the same as the joystick from http://stick.pe.kr but it comes with a Taeyoung Fanta (hard rubber) not the stock joystick myongshin fanta.

Works great for tekken. I just don’t use it much anymore.

$45 shipped.

I’m also willing to sell just the joystick part by itself for $30 shipped. Please pm me if you have questions.


I maybe interested in this, how are crouch dash movements on this?

and what’s the difference between hard rubber and the default?

If your willing to ship to uk Im interested…

edit: obv ill pay the extra

If anyone’s wondering, this is an excellent deal. I believe it would cost about the same to have someone sell and ship you the parts used in it, without even mentioning the case and PCB.

evilj I’ll take it if it is available.

EDIT: Just wondering, nothing is wrong with the stick right? Buttons work and everything? Any deadzone issues with the stick itself?

I need another kstick in my life :wink:

Markman Check Pm for answers to your question.

In short, yes everything works fine. PM me back for paypal address.

That stick is dope.

aw damn, i wanted that stick :bluu:

sorry bro, I knew you were first, but markman seemed pretty sure whereas you were unsure, secondly he lives in california like me too so it might save me money on shipping. Paypal and shipping is probably gonna cost 12-15, so it’s like I’m only selling it for $30. Sorry about that.

You have more sticks than all of the people in this forum combined.

evilj: Payment sent, thank you.

av: Sorry, :wink:

Now I have ONE more stick to add to that list :wink: