FS: PS2/PSX to rgb adapter and lm1881n chips

FS: PS2/PSX to rgb adapter. $15 shipped (price negotiable)

This a ps2 scart cable hacked to output rgb. It uses a lm1881n chip to seperate sync. I acquired it from a guy on another forum who sold me some lm1881n chips, and he just included it along with the chips (nice guy). My plans of buying any sort of arcade setup have been derailed, so I have this thing lying around. The person who made it used it for an rgb projector, but I have not had a chance to test it. Anyway, not being real knowledeable about all things rgb, I’m not sure how this thing would work for those old arcade monitors that require higher input voltages, but as a quick test I used a voltmeter and found the red and blue inputs to be outputting 1.5 volts and the green at .8, not sure that info is really useful, but…

It seems to be built a bit differently than this adapter:
But apparently it works, so anyway, for those that know what this is, it’s $15shipped. Can’t guarantee it’ll work perfectly on your particular monitor, but all indication point that it should work.

Also available are are some lm1881n chips for seperating the sync to make a good rgb signal for various consoles. See below for how to make a psx/saturn rgb (usually need a scart cable as well).


Also can be used to make a ps2 vga cable:

$8 shipped each



Price drop on scart/rgb cable.