FS : PS2 saturn pad

Brand new PS2 saturn pad

asking 70.00

new and unopened, color black

I’ll take it. Please pm me your paypal info

Fuck. am next on line.

Next on list if these 2 do not come through. Will pay you immediately.

Since it’s sold and doesn’t matter…what’s so good about these controls? $70 seems steep for a pad to me.

Alot of people like pads versus Sticks,and the saturn is the best one made for the ps2. The other ASCII FT2 is allright but the dpad is abit spongy.

Best fucking controller ever + Select button + the wide variety of converters available for PS1/2 (Saturn only has lag free converters to PC, Dreamcast, and Xbox 1) = awesome.

if i had a job i woulda gave u 80 for it i really want this pad.

Not to threadjack, but I also have an unopened black PS2 Saturn pad for sale. $75 shipped. I have references at CheapAssGamer if anybody needs them - email me at segacon at gmail dot com if interested.

EDIT: Selling to either Ministry or Vampiro.

Ill take it.

Ministry contacted me first, but if he doesn’t buy it I will let you know, Vampiro.
Yes, it’s black and new in package.

It really amazes me how much demand there are for these things, but then again, I have a modded saturn and agree that it’s the best 2d pad, particularly for fighters and shmups, ever made. I paid someone $50 for a darkstalkers pad a little over a year ago and it was the best purchase I ever made.

I wonder if it’s even realistic for Sega to reprint these or whether the MFRing pieces are gone. What I wouldn’t give for a wireless 360 authentic saturn pad. Best day ever.

yeah I like those darkstalker pads they have the purple finish,but have yet to see one for sale.

My favorite pad of all time is the Dreamcast version of the ASCII FT2, unfortunately the PS2 version of that pad is not as well made. The DPAD is way to soft on it.

I like the Saturn pad better than the Ascii one for Dreamcast, but they’re both great. I managed to score a purple Darkstalkers Saturn PS2 pad a few years back - that one’s never getting sold. :slight_smile:

Ministry, I sold you my Purple one:

** if you let me buy bomberman’s.**

are there any more of these for sale? anyone else got a new one they wanna sell?
Please PM me. Serious Buyer.

I do, but I want too much for it =)

how much do the pc versions go for this pad?

I actually do have a Saturn USB pad somewhere which isn’t getting used. I’m interested in knowing how much the USB versions sell as well.

i want this saturn to ps2 pad so bad man.