FS: PS3 40GB Fat, Custom "Astro City" TE, Sanwa modded SE, SSFIV, Blazblue: CT, etc


I’m moving soon and I need to sell some stuff to get a headstart on the money situation.


My “SEGA Astro City” TE stick, had a really good run, but I’m an Xbox 360 man now. Plexiglass is new, but has a small crack beside the turbo panel. $110 shipped.

Sanwa modded SE stick, $60 shipped

PS3 comes with 2 controllers & all cables needed, in very good condition. $230 shipped OBO

Games are 25$ shipped each, if you’re buying in a bundle there will be a discount of sorts. (SSFIV, Blazblue: CT, Skate 2 & 3)


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Well, I guess that’s a bit of a bummer- if the thread will be locked, oh well.


what about the bogus requirement of having at least 50 posts? my account is over 4 years old yet i cannot sell since i dont post-whore =(
can i combine my account’s age + his post count? lol i’d buy the SE 'cept its ps3


it’s still a requirement, you cannot have one without the other. There is no combining anything, either you have both or you don’t.