FS: PS3 Comic Con SFIV TE Stick




Just a friendly suggestion, you might want to take pics and post 'em up. People are always going to gather more interest in an item that they can see.

Best of luck with the sale though, wish I had the money for it.

bump with picture


still up for sale

Hey Chimp, just offering a suggestion myself…205 (even Shipped) is a bit much. Most people can get a normal TE for around $100 and just paint it white (like me…$3.50), and replace the art with THAT exact art(maybe $5 from kinkos)…buttons optional($15-$25?).

It IS a collectors Ed. but 205 might be a bit much for most…
If you feel that it is a good price you would do better on EBay.

ur not allowed to shit on ppls threads

bump for injustice

just neg rep him then

wait a second

bump with new price, its alright everyone has their own opinion.


I have a DE copy of Demon Souls, but it’s unfortunately been opened.

I tried it once, and didn’t really enjoy it.

Wold you be interested in it still?

Maybe we can work some sort of deal out.

bump, still looking for a copy.






I think that’s the best lookn TE out there. Good luck with the sale.