FS: PS3 Comic Con SFIV TE Stick

Hey man, nice item you have there, but you aren’t allowed to bump without new information.

price drop/adding something/etc.



bump new price

what number of the run is it?

I would definitely buy this if i had the money. Hopefully for me it lasts a couple of weeks. gl tho

Its #120

Yeah, I’m with Cl581 on that, too.

Be nice to hear a Unit # even if most of us could give two shits about it.
(I’m of a mind about Unit #'s. They mean nothing when something is manufactured in the thousands. BUT, when less 300 of a run is produced, it becomes a lot more interesting! Not that I think Unit #300 is less valuable or defective compared to Unit #1.)

I’d be in the market for this stick, too, but Christmas spending is almost over for me and I just bought a V3 SA two days ago!

This will be something I’ll go for in the future when I have the cash and when I feel the price is right. It’ll probably be the last R1 I’ll buy. Probably the last Viewlix Mad Catz FightStick I’ll buy, period.

I agree with most posters — this is a sick-looking stick and probably the best looking TE variant aside from that nice looking PS3 White Asian TE which never made it past the prototype mockup! I like the Femme Fatale (which I do own!) best next – after the Comic Con stick, of course!

Payment sent.