FS: PS3 MCZ TE Rd. 1 w/basic mods


Looking to sell my PS3 Madcatz Round 1; it’s got the basic Sanwa button and plexi mods with TE-S sides. The JLF is double springed for a bit of added tension it’s tight, but not overly stiff. The plexi is from Art’s Hobbies, it’s cool, but the caveat is that my PSN is etched into it; I do have an intact TE-S face plate that’s in excellent condition that will come with the stick, so you can remove the plexi and still at least have some stock art rather than an exposed metal panel…cause let’s face it, you’re not gonna keep the plexi (“What the fuck is a ‘driftlogic’?” will be a common question at any tournaments/fight nights you attend I think, lol). The stick is in perfect working order, just selling it as I’ve recently picked up a Hori VX-SA that I plan to dual mod.

Looking to get $65+shipping for it.









TE>VX. Just sayin. Haha. But really…it looks nice. GLWS!


Lol…well I still have a TE-S that I love, but it’s a six button stick; the Hori I’m gonna keep all eight buttons on for the sake of versatility. The VX is a 360 version which I hear is easier to dual mod anyway? Not really sure if that’s true anymore honestly, but at any rate I’ll be able to play at my mostly Xbox local scene until I can afford to pay for the mod and keep my PS3 six button silly for when I’m feeling Third Strike’y. Thanks for the compliment!




Sold…lock it up, prease…