FS: PS3 Metal Gear bundle w/MVC2 & SFEX3

I have for sale a brand new PS3 80gb metal gear bundle. I am also throwing in a complete PS2 MVC2 and a CD only SF EX 3. willing to sell for $650 shipped including insurance and tracking #. USA only. Thanks
ps. I will upload picture later tonite

Is it $650 shipped?


How much without MVC2 and SF EX3? And could you sell it without MGS4? Mainly looking for a ps3 and that’s it. :sweat:

if you are requesting something like that, it is best if you just get the 40gb PS3. it be cheaper?

Yea but, wanted an 80gig or can you use any internal hdd for the ps3? I have to look that up to verify.

If no one else jumps on this I will.

If the price isn’t bad without the stuff that I asked about then I’m definitely interested. I already looked up the hdd question and yea as long as it’s a 2.5" 5400rpm drive it’ll fit and the ps3 will recognize it. Still, 80gb is enough for anything ATM.

So yeah, PM SENT!!!