FS: PS3 package (big package!) Good Deal!


okay… here’s the list.

(80gb) PS3, 2 controllers, 2 ps3 >> ps2 convertors, 2 usb charger cables, hdmi cable, optical digital cable, 19" lcd widescreen monitor (LG), Sony surround sound entertainment reciever w/ L, R, Middle, Surround L, Surround R, and Woofer… also, Madden '08, Tiger Woods "08, MotorStorm, and also d/l game on the ps3 (mkII, puzzlefighter, tekken dr online bundle, castlevania symphony.)

my asking price is $600.oo

that does not include shipping and handling. you will have to pay that as well. not sure what that will cost but i will find out when you specify what type of deliver you want.

note: i don’t have a picture, all of this is less than 3 months old and i am never home to play. if you want pics i can try and get them but i am in chicago and won’t be able to send this stuff until the 1st of march or maybe earlier any how.


oh my goddddddddddd. i wish i didnt have a ps3 already.


Would you be willing to sell it without the LCD monitor and surround sound system? If not, how much for shipping to 94015? Cheapest USPS rate, probably Parcel Post.


If only I had that money T_T


$600…hehe, you need to show pictures


I already have a surround sound. But if you take some pics maybe I’ll do this. =)