Fs:PS3/PS2 Sanwa Arcade Stick - 115$ shipped, and ipodtouch

here are the items:

PS2/ps3 Sanwa Modded Hori Fighting Stick 2 with ps2/ps3 adapter 115$ shipped.Sanwa JLF (currently has cherry switches at request can put back jlf pcb) sanwa dark hai buttons and balltops


Madcatz SE 360 Stick for $60 shipped. Stock Stick stopped functioning. Maybe washer problem SOLD

Sony PSP 1001 with custom firmware, UMD door is not functioning but for playing backed up games, not needed. comes with charger, 32mb memory stick and usb cable, $70 shipped. http://img40.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=1001919.jpg SOLD

2x Sega Saturn USB Pads (bootleg) $14 shipped each.

iPod Touch 16gb 1st Generation wtih Leather Case. No scratches on screen, few visible in back but covered by case and screen protector. $170 shipped. SOLD

http://img31.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=1001907.jpg : modded hori fighting stick 2, madcatz se 360 stick, ipod touch

offering dual mods for 360/ps3 sticks. Provide the 360 pcb/stick, and ill make it a ps3/360 stick (already ahve ps3 pcbs). Purchase a imp board if needed from toodles SOCAL only. $50

iPhone 3g 8gb perfect condition already unlocked and jailbroken. Works 100% Guaranteed. Comes with iPhone 3g 8gb wall charger, rebel serpant case, and a turbo sim. 305$ shipped SOLD


Looking to sell my brown sidekick lx. Its in amazing condition. Comes with 2 cases, a clear case and the original case. and everything that came with it for $150. SOLD

looking or trading for a psx to gcube convertor

please contact me by email only if interested.no pm. it helps me organize things : aunited@live.com


pmed regrding 360 stick I want it


Would you send the PSP outside the US? If you would, how much would you charge me for shipping to my country? I will pay with confirmed PayPal. Thanks!

pm sent


PMed you back a couple of days ago, hope you read it soon, as I’m seriously interested (here’s hoping that the PSP is on hold because of me) :).

I had pm’d about the PSP too, but don’t think I’ll be able to buy now, so put Kane first in line if he’s not already.

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Didn’t they lower the older iPhone to $100? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Only if you sign up for the 2 year plan.

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emailed on HFS2.

bump: price drop on hori fighting stick 2 now 115$ shipped.


Still selling this stick? If so I can pm details.

email me using the one in the first post please. thanks.

email sent

email sent