FS:PS3 Sixaxis with adapter/MadCatz 4716 360 controller/ Cheap Primed Mdf Case


Hi i havesome arcade parts for sale.

Dreamcast ascii pcb all ready to hook up. Price 15 shipped.


Selling mint condition Ascii case only. Price 30 shipped



Here i have InfamousKid Case all primed and ready for paint. Price 55 shipped

PS3 Wireless Sixaxis pbc and Toddles Adapter. Price 40 shipped.


Madcatz 4716 Xbox 360 wired controller which can be padhacked. Price 20 shipped and 1 charge cable 10 shipped.


Dc Agetec stick mint condition. Price 60 shipped

Will post pics later. Thanks

One mint like brand type Agetec DC stick with namco: sold to Kasp Shipped/Tracking # cx 274 044 335 ca
Mint namco stick: sold to Griff Shipped/Tracking # cx 274 044 551 ca
Ps3 BorderLand Game in mint condition and rarely used: SOLD to local
JLf stick: SOLD to MR.P/ shipped= Received
Physh Case: SOLD to Sep Shipped/Tracking # cx 274 044 269 ca
Voltech Case: SOLD to Blood Shipped/Tracking # cx 274 044 582 ca
SE case: SOLD to DJ Shipped
SE 360 pcb SOLD to MOMO Shipped
Mint condition HSS-1030 Sega Saturn twin Stick Complete with inserts and box.SOLD to Truck
Both ascii SOLD: more to come
Mint Agetec stick. Price 55 shipped SOLD: Shipped Tracking cx274040 890ca
Whole Set toodles adapter with ps3 sixaxis pcb. SOLD: Shipped
6 seimitsu kn’s buttons those are brand never used. SOLD: Shipped
Blaze Twinsticks for PS1. SOLD to Shortman 1234
SE xbox 360 pcb with all the cables/Pelican Converter. SOLD to Ghi/Shipped
Namco stick. SOLD to Kriztian/picked up local
Soul Edge Edition Namco stick. SOLD to Kaz/Shipped
Namco stick. SOLD to Rich/picked up local
Both Agetec sticks.SOLD to NiteWalker.

Please Check Canadapost.ca for tracking #


interested in the Agetec. will pm after pics go up =)


Happy New Years, meus. Let’s try this again, ok? I would like to clarify that I am serious about this purchase.

Pm’d about the red meshball.


j/w…ls 56 new or used?


I am also interested in the Agetec if kasprfoto doesn’t pick it up. Good luck with your sales!


Bump for meus! Waiting for the ASCii to roll in.


Yes Sait0u 56-01 seimitsu is brand new




Yo meus, still waiting for a reply.




Dibs on the green Sanwa button set.

Meus; check your cell, I sent two text messages.


Which mounting plate do you have for the LS-56-01?


n/m about the PMs. Good luck!




Updated Post withnew item.


meus, did you get my PM reply about my location? Please check and reply.


Yo meus Your inbox is full bro!


will pm soon

send pm me again


PM sent! Call my cell later on.


hey, you posted something on my thread about a JLF…? Just wondering if you still have that.