FS>PS3 TE Stick


Please read carefully, I wanna be as straight forward as possible and don’t wanna mislead anyone.

Stick works fine but PS3 Home button doesn’t respond unless pushed down harder than usual. My baby nephew ran over the usb connector with his power wheel and bent it a little. I was able to straighten it out but it does show some scrapes here and there.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the original bezel or artwork so what’s posted in the picture is what you get. I took my plexi off because it was laser etched with some personal touches so I can’t include that either, sorry. I do still have the original box that I’ll be shipping in. (Please Read 2nd Post for Updated Info)

Asking $90 Shipped OBO.

If you guys have any other questions or want more pics feel free to ask. Sorry about bad pics, from my cell phone and the flash is the bright light in the first pic.


Got a spare bezel and a Round 2 artwork for the stick so it looks pretty stock. Buddy is putting in his a full panel so he was cool enough to just swap metel plates so we didn’t have to peel off the artwork. Still asking for $90 shipped, OBO.

I’m open to doing local if you guys are anywhere near the Phoenix region.