FS: PS360+ boards and accessories - UK & Ireland only!


The following is for customers located in the UK & Ireland only. Currently no exceptions to this.

I think I’m the first person in the world to directly sell these to the public after pre-orders. Seriously.

PS360+ boards

[]Xbox 360, PS3 (with PS2 BC), PSX and PC support, smart-detection for all supported systems.
]USB Bootloader for firmware updates
[]OSS (Open Source Software) for best possible community support (upgradable through USB)
]Headset jack for Xbox LIVE. 2.5mm audio jack and JST connector to choose from, JST connector compatible with SE and TE headset cables). Optional Headset Detection disable solder jumper for headset jack extension cable use
[]Player LEDs for Xbox 360 and PS3 (on-board and external, cable NOT included). Optional on-board LED disable solder jumper
]USB “B” and RJ-45 jack with optional use of JST connectors (JST-cables NOT included)
[]USB jack is for standard output (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), RJ-45 may be used for all supported systems (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/PSX)
]Forced Modes supported
[*]SOCD support for all systems
To summarise, these could well be the only custom PCB you will ever need inside your arcade stick. It currently works on 360, PS3, PS2, and the list should grow in the coming months. The aim is to make it as versatile as possible to work on a wide range of consoles.

Perfect for custom built arcade sticks, or upgrading your old one. Very simple to connect using just the screw terminals and on-board jacks. Even more options available from soldering like player LED control.


1 x PS360+ pcb = SOLD OUT!

1 x Neutrik RJ45 jack (NE8FDP-B) = £8

1 x Neutrik modified RJ45>USB cable = £10

1 x Neutrik modified RJ45>PS2 cable = £10

1 x 50cm Cat6 ethernet cable = £1

1 x 50cm USB A-B cable = £1

1 x 3 meter USB A-B cable = £2

Recorded postage = £2.50 - £3.50 (depending on how much you are ordering - message me for more info)

Special Delivery = £6.50

Collection in person (Central London) is free, though will need to arrange this in advance.

Discounts can be arranged for bulk purchases. Contact me for more info.

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Hey there do you actually have these available right now?


I have had these boards available since 18th June.


PM’d you :slight_smile:


pm’d you


Thanks a lot Gahrling works a treat :smiley:


Hello, I’m thinking of getting one of these if I can get the funds, will you be offering the HSB in the next couple of weeks/months?


Nine people have so far received their Japanese pleasures.

I do not have many left so to avoid disappointment order yours now!

I don’t have any plans to stock the HSB or any JST cables for the PS360+. I’m assuming that this is one of the reasons why I received the boards so quickly.

However you can still easily mount your own headest socket and link it to the PS360+ by using a mic extension lead. You should be able to find one online or in Maplins.


Board recieved today.

Excellent packaging and a pleasure to do business with.

Thank you again.


Thank you.

Please enjoy these Japanese pleasures responsibly.


Delivery was fast and everything well packaged. Those USB > RJ45 cables you made me are godlike too.

Cheers :tup:


Hey, got my PS360+ really quickly! Nicely packaged and great communication, thanks very much!


Got mine and nicely packed away in my stick! :D, swift delivery.





I have a question I asked in another thread.

Does the ps360 disable the guide button? I want to add this to my ps3 round one TE and I’m just curious if after installation I’ll lose the functionality of the home button.


If you don’t connect your existing Home button to the PS360+ then how will it know when you are pressing that button? Sadly these boards aren’t completely magical : (

When installing into a PS3 TE stick I’d recommend simply using Start & Select to activate Home. If you desperately needed to get the original Home button working you will need to dual mod the PS3 TE pcb to the PS360+ pcb, so connecting VCC, GND, and hacking the Home point. That or cutting the traces on the TE pcb so you only need a signal and GND wire.

Either way your terminology is wrong: the PS360+ does not disable the stock Home button, that is something you decide to do yourself when installing the PS360+.


thanks for replying. the reason I asked is because I actually do want to use the original home button. I know that s+s will always be an option, but I guess I’d like to keep my stick as true to the original as I could.


Then you will have to do some soldering. While you’re at it you may as well hook up 4 of the turbo LED’s as well which the PS360+ will utilise as player assigned indicators.


Hi, I have a Hori VLX and a Hori RAP V3 for the PS3. I’m moving to Korea in a couple of months where I plan to buy an xBox 360. Would a PS360+ allow me to play on a Korean xBox?

I’m not sure if anyone would know this, but any help would be appreciated.


AFAIK, yes.

A shame you don’t have a 360 VLX or I’d advise you instead to get a VLX Kitty kit from godlikecontrols. Installing a PS360+ into either a VLX or HRAP V3 is a little tricky. I would not recommend it for beginners but for people with some modding experience.