FS: ps360 dual-PCB service on TE sticks (now, for other sticks)


if anyone can’t bear modding their sticks to work with both wired on ps3 and 360, i will be more than happy to do it for you. i have more joy doing these kinds of projects than using it, and hope i could give back to those who would rather enjoy the results of my work. i’ve successfully modded my own two ps3 te sticks to work on a 360 already, just so you know. turnaround time for my labor is at max 2-3 days after receiving the stick. otherwise, if you are thinking of doing this yourself, shoot me a PM and i’ll be more than willing to try my best to help. i can mod your stick for $90-$100. i claim liability for the modded pcb. locals get priority. for any outsiders, $90-$100 includes my ship expense back to you. i can also try doing other sticks, but i am not familiar with the casing so labor might set you back another day. for 360 sticks achieving ps3 compatibility, you will have to wait until i receive a Toodles’ Cthulhu board from an existing online vendor.

the forums are being hit badly, so please email me thanks. tuchubby@gmail.com


Service Queue:
dehmarko - HRAP3 w/madcatz arcade stick for xbox360, completed
non-member (friend) - 2x Madcatz SE Fightstick for ps3 w/madcatz wired controller for xbox360, complete date: 3/2
non-member (friend’s cousin) - MAS stick for ps2 w/madcatz wired controller for xbox360, complete date: on hold


I’m very interested in this service. I live in Irvine, so even better. I have a few questions though:

  1. Would you be willing to work on HRAPs? I personally own an HRAP3…
  2. If I were to provide the X360 PCB (which would most likely be the Madcatz retro arcade stick PCB), how much would would the service cost?
  3. I’d also like details on how you plan on modding. Would you be dremelling a hole to allow for the X360 wire? Or would this go through the same USB wire with a switch?


Yes I am interested, but I would like to see what it looks like afterwards.


played last night on these sticks with no problem at psychedelicbeat’s house. good shit!


I’m working on modding my SFAC stick for dual PCB. Could you hook it up with a common ground 360 PCB prehacked? And how much? I’m over here next to Super Arcade, Mt. SAC area. I googled it, about 30 minutes from westminster


Question for ya,

I have a custom ps2 stick already, could you make it compatible with 360? I don’t need it to be ps2 and 360 compatible, you can take out the ps2 pcb and im sure you can keep the wires to make it easier. If you can how much would this run?


So is this service gonna get started up? I’d like to get this done. I PM’ed you as well.


the forums have been hit like crazy as of late, so im having horrible response times. try to email me at tuchubby@gmail.com. locals who will do the mod would want to come to my house to drop it off.

dehmarko: yes, i can very likely work on the HRAP3. the wiring components are no different. yes you can provide that pcb, given that it’s not taken apart and that it is tested as working. in fact, thats the same pcb i use for my te’s so even better. please email me as i see the forums being hammered all day. the only hole being made is for the switch, which would likely be placed to the front beside the usb cable, out of harm’s way. it’ll be a circular dpdt switch and not a rectangular dpdt, since rectangles cant be cut clean. no, there will not be two cables coming out of your HRAP3. you’ll have to give me an option of whether to wire the xbox guide button to the select button or to a separate button which will be placed next to the switch. i prefer wiring it to the select button since the select/back button has proven me useless on SFIV and HDR.

solmin: i will take pics of my TE stick. in fact, i’m gonna try plaster new art on it that i made (a vewlix panel) just to show you i am capable of modding it up.

truckasaurus: i will search around for a (cheaper-priced) pcb and have it prewired with QD’s. i’m already considering doing a small batch for the forum. please email me so we can keep in touch.

Showtime: i can and probably would keep the existing ps2 pcb for your own sake, unless you are for certain you want only an xbox360 usb cable coming out. it would probably run at the amount i suggested, but i will have to see pictures of your stick for myself to determine whether more, less, or the same amount of work is involved ($/-$). pre-existing sticks can be daunting. please email me.



If you have two pcbs, does that effect the response rate for the stick at all? I’m just worried about that. If not, then I will be calling you shortly.


Hi, don’t mean to TC or anything, but if psych gets backlogged or people want an option, I’ve been offering the same thing in the Tech Talk forums.



i officially have a queue list. i dont like to keep people waiting for more than a week for service to be done so if it comes down to it, i will ask if gamingnow.net can assist.


yo I sent you a pm.

Is it possible, or would you be able to dual mod a VSHG stick, or can you only do the TE stick?

I may just cancel my TE stick preorder since it seems like it will never arrive.


evilj: i can do this. let me know when you will need this done and i will add you to my list. there have been other people emailing me so the earlier i know the better


emailed day before yesterday, pm’ed yesterday.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I’m local.

Free bump for you.


pm sent.