[FS] PS4, PS3, PSX, Wii, Game Accessories & Merch, K-Pop/J-Pop CDs



*Strongly prefer Paypal friends and family or Venmo

*Willing to offer discounts if you purchase more than 3 items.

*All games are U.S. NA versions unless noted

*Pictures available upon request

*I’m a collector who’s super OCD about my belongings. Everything I’m selling will be complete with its original contents, and in pristine, like new condition unless noted

*Current GAF feedback rating: Bought 7+ / Sold 7+

*This probably doesn’t matter, but I have a feedback rating of 1229+ on eBay, and 15+ on cheapassgamer.

-Paypal friends or Venmo

Feel free to make offers; see Google Sheet for latest availability:



Mega Man Legacy Collection 1- $18

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2- $18

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2- $23

Mega Man 11- $20

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir- $36

Puyo Puyo Tetris- $20

Sega Genesis Classics- $21

Sonic Mania Plus (Includes Art Book & Sega Genesis Reversible Cover)- $27

Star Wars: Battlefront II- $13

Super Bomberman R - Shiny Edition- $20

Tetris Effect- $38

Valkyria Revolution- $10


Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing- $15


NFL Blitz- $7


Wii Sports- $13

Game Accessories

Monoprice HDMI System Video Game Console Media Selector- 5 Ports- $15

PlayStation 3 Official DualShock 3 Controller- Red- $36 OBO

PlayStation 4 Official DualShock 4 Controller - 20th Anniversary Edition- $73 OBO

Game Merchandise

Chun Li Funko Pop (Sealed, in Box)- $12

Street Fighter Eternal Challenge Art Book- $41

Street Fighter Legends: The Ultimate Edition- $16

Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia- $31


4Minute- Muzik First Mini Album- $13 OBO

Ailee- Invitation First Mini Album- $13 OBO

Fin.K.L.- Fine Killing Liberty Album- $17 OBO

Hikaru Utada- Single Collection Vol. 1 Album- $23 OBO

H.O.T.- H.O.T. II Album- $18 OBO

Hyuna- Bubble Pop! Mini Album- $18 OBO

Hyuna- A+ Mini Album (With Photobook)- $18 OBO

IU- Chat-Shire Album- $13 OBO

IU- Real Album- $13 OBO


Double post


Pm sent


Would be funny to get the Shokotan.
Because our name.

My AX autograph is somewhere.




if you decide to ship items singular, im interested in the Code Geass C2 pencil board


Bought a lot of stuff, got them in less than suspected time and everything looks great! Everyone should buy from this guy, great stuff!


Bump, added a bunch of new stuff!


bump. Price drops for pretty much every item!


bump. Price drops for pretty much every item! Some new additions as well


bump, new additions and price drops


Ahhh, Aya Ueto goods. I’ll have to get back to you in a week!


bump, new additions and price drops


bump. A bunch of new stuff has been added.


PM sent.


Lowered the prices of my consoles.


whether in production or not the TE isn’t worth that much. I’m not trying to knock on your post but its just a TE with different art and buttons. its not dual modded or anything. people were selling Chun Li Te-s for $185-$220 dual modded and that’s much more rare than a basic TE. GLWS though


Thanks for the input. Any idea on what I should set the price to? I couldn’t find too many for sale, so I was unsure . I originally paid $200 for the stick, and the mods cost an extra $60.


someone is currently selling the MvC2 limited edition one for $90+ shipping… shipping is normally like $20-$30 as far as I remember. So maybe between $100 and $130 shipped. It’s entirely up to you though. With everyone looking for a current gen stick (ps4 & xbone) trying to sell a last gen stick that high probably wouldn’t get anywhere unless you found someone who really loved the TE. You might be better off keeping it and modding it for current gen (if that’s the reason you’re selling)


Thanks again. I lowered the price to $140.