[FS] PS4, PS3, PSX, Wii, Game Accessories & Merch, K-Pop/J-Pop CDs


Bump. Updated the list, and lowered some prices as well.


Got my game today and it was in mint condition, as described. Thanks!


Glad it arrived safely. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Updated my list, and lowered some prices.


+1 for @y2kenjination got some stuff from him a while back; Fast shipping, well packed, arrived intact & as described!!!


Thanks for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:


bump. A number of new additions such as a PS Vita, and PSTV system.


bump. Prices lowered. Also added Signed Final Fantasy Type 0 HD/XV Poster


what version firmware is the pstv on?


I believe the latest one. Last time I updated the firmware was a few months ago, though.


bump. Some new items


bump. lowered prices





SFV for PS4 (brand new, factory sealed) has been added. $50 shipped (Paypal friends and family payment, please).




Bump, new items