FS: PSOne PCBs! New Sanwa/Seimitsu Parts!

Okay since my other joystick thread got me too many PMs about what brand new spare parts I had lying around, I thought I’d post them. These are all BRAND NEW and never used unless noted. They were all bought directly from Per at AkihabaraShop. I unfortunately don’t foresee ever having time to get back into stick building or even modding anymore so they’re off to the sales lot.

I accept PayPal. I will give you a shipping quote AFTER you tell me everything you want. This way I don’t over or underestimate shipping costs. Unless you buy an outrageous amount that won’t fit into a flat rate box, the price of shipping shouldn’t exceed $10.

Here we go!


Random parts:

AkihabaraShop Exclusive Meshballs
(1xOrange) - $9 each

Seimitsu LB-30 small balltop (1xRed, 1xYellow) - $1 each

Sanwa OBSF-24 (2xGreen) - $2 each

3xSanwa SW-68 button microswitches (replacement switches for Sanwa’s standard 30 and 24 buttons) - $1 each

1xJLW Circular restrictor/gate - $5

10xSanwa JLF dust cover - $1 each

10xSeimitsu dust cover - $1 each

Set of JLF mounting plate screws/nuts (4 of each) - $1 per set

Tons of .110 insulated quick disconnects - $1 for a set of 10.

Custom Stickers

LS-32-01 - $6


3 x DualShock PSOne PCBs - $15 shipped each
Traditional soldering hack jobs. not the solderless kind (all sold out). $15 shipped is for the PCBs only. If you want the entire controller with shell that will be $17 shipped each. I obviously combine shipping for these.


Ill take the Vermillion button/balltop set. Ill PM you when i get outta work.

Sorry coN! The Vermillions actually already sold! : ( Let me know if I can help you out with anything else! Again, I’m doing first PMed/posted first served.


Pink set then if available.

Pm sent

Willing to ship outside the US? I know a couple of friends who might be really interested.

Yeah shipping outside the US is fine but obviously I would have to charge more for shipping. Just let me know. The first post has been updated with holds and removed everything already paid for.


PM/Payment/Shipping info sent. Thank you man!

All items that have been paid for up to today have been sent. Expect them early to mid next week!

You should have all gotten your tracking information from Paypal. If you didn’t please feel free to contact me. Keep an eye out because I’ll be listing a few things that I didn’t put up the other day. And there’ll be a few nice surprises!

Thanks everyone!


Ok, my friend is interested in the yellow Sanwa pack and a JLF. Could you do for me a price check on the following address?

Libertad #1228
Region Metropolitana

I’ll tell him and after that he’ll confirm me if he can afford it or not (Please check on Priority Mail, we’ve had plenty of problems around here with First Class). Meanwhile, please put the requested items on hold for him :).


Kane Blueriver,

I sent you a PM. I put the parts on hold for now. Let me know.


dibs on pink set


Got a strange request. I lost the screws that connect a LS-32-01 to a mounting plate. Do you think you have 4 of these screws available to buy just on their own?


I took a look for you mike, and I didn’t have any spare screws. I will take a deeper look in my random stash later, but the chances are probably not good. You could also always buy them from AkihabaraShop.


im interested in that last jlf sticker. think you can save it for me until later this week?

I can hold it for a couple of days. It doesn’t seem like people are clamoring for it, so you should be okay.


SURPRISE! Flash1s for sale. Not one, not two, but THREE of them including one BRAND NEW NEVER USED one!

Also updated the list with some extras like shaft covers, AkihbaraShop meshballs, wire harnesses, etc.

Prices on Flashes are NON-NEGOTIABLE! So don’t make offers, please.



What if I could offer up the virginity of a young lady, would that get me the Sanwa Flash?

=( i want the flash.

i wish i had the money at the moment.