Fs: Psp 1000

I have a PSP never gets used just sitting in my drawer. Not hacked, everything works, and is in good shape. I think it has the latest firmware too.

Asking $100obo, with 2 games. The games are Burnout and Thrillville, the games are the disk only. I mean that literally, the clear protective case around the disks cracked open. The games work just buy new clear cases for them. Pictures will be up tomorrow. Thanks! :karate:

EDIT: Other than the unit and the 2 games nothing else is included (like a charger).

EDIT 2: Pics

The nickname is blurred because it has my bro’s actual name on it. The console will be reset before shipping.

I want this gone… I’ll pay shipping.

Lowered price: $90 shipped I want it gone.

Final price drop before it hits eBay/Craigslist

$80 shipped obo

well i don’t want to low ball you but i’ll offer $65 shipped since it’s an old phat model and doesn’t come with a charger.

Thanks for the offer I’ll keep it in mind. If it’s not sold by the end of this week.