FS: PSP & Joysticks and More

Selling My PSP


3.9 Official Firmware

Small Scratches on the faceplate. ( Can be Replaced. [10$ish] )

Joystick Top Missing ( Cane be Replaced [$5ish] )

Wifi Switch Needs Repairing… (Should be easy to repair, sure there are guides online.)

1 Dead Pixel, only noticed on black screen, cant really notice in game or in menus etc. just on loading/black screens.

Extras it comes with:

1GB Memory stick
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon UMD Movie

**Price: **80$ Shipped. OBO

willing to trade for ps3 games.

games looking for

other offers.

Joysticks Sold.

If you can hold the T5 stick till tuesday I’ll take it

ok its yours…

pm me when your ready to send the money…

lowering price on psp , 80$ Shipped.

I’ll let you know by the end of the day.

If Stuart doesn’t take the T5, I’ll gladly take it off of your hands.

T5 Joystick and Xbox 360 joysticks sold, Pending Payment.

lol. my bad. I’ve been busy as hell.

Send me a few pics of the Xbox 360 joystick and if I like it I can paypal you on the spot. (If the guy who wants it doesn’t follow through with payment)

Both Joysticks have been sold.

Nobody interested in the psp i guess, willing to trade for ps3 games or something.