FS: PSX P360 MAS stick

130 Shipped, OBO

The plug-in cord needed to be in the right spot where it come out in the back or was not responsive. Opened it up and stapled around the wire so it can?t wiggle around as much. Now never stops during gameplay as long as I play right and don’t get frusturated and throw or move stick alot. It has been tested and everything else about the unit is fine. If someone knows how to replace the cord, it’d be a great stick to take to tourneys especially now that SF4 is out!!!

I ship UPS Ground




I seen this on eBay a while ago but decided not to bid cus of the wire issue.

Yeah, I got it from there. It works and everything, but I play marvel. Only disconnected once by mashing and moving stick alot in casuals with friends. Good for other games that dont require mashing/etc.