FS: PSX, PSP, Saturn, etc. Games

Alright, moving out in a while and I would like to try to get some money together.

Anyways, I got a few misc. games.

Paypal is accepted.

Final Fantasy VIII: Black label, complete with everything. Game is in mint condition.
15 shipped. I also have a strategy guide for the game as well, an extra 2 dollars to cover shipping if you want to add it. Otherwise 5 dollars shipped by itself. Guide is Sold

Final Fantasy IX: Black label, but is missing the manual. Game is in mint condition.
11 shipped.


Tekken Dark Resurrection: Game is in working order, however, the UMD plastic case can be pushed in a bit, but other than that, the game is fine, and complete.
10 shipped. SOLD

Gradius Collection: Same as Tekken, working, complete, but the plastic with the UMD logo can be pushed in slightly.
9 shipped.

Lumines: Game is UMD only.
4 shipped, or, you can add it for an extra dollar to any other purchase. SOLD

Sega Saturn

X-Men vs Street Fighter & 4-in-1 Action Replay Plus cart.

The game itself has the manual and comes in a jewel case, but it does’nt have the spine card. And the 4-in-1 cart is complete with manual, and box.
25 shipped together. Sorry, but I prefer not to sell these individually.

Game Boy:
Mega Man and Mega Man 2: Both are cartridge only, but come with the plastic sleeve.
7 dollars shipped together. Or 3 individually.
Mega Man 2 is SOLD

Super Mario Land: Game comes complete, players choice version.
6 dollars shipped.

Also, I have Contra 4, I just bought it last week, but I am willing to get rid of it if someone is willing to buy it for say 17 shipped. Game is still factory sealed. SOLD


Thanks for looking.


ill take contra 4 for the DS

Contra 4 on hold for Etotheng. Awaiting payment.

I’ll take Lumines off your hands. Give me your paypal and I can pay you tonight.

PM’ed good sir.

Contra 4 is sold to Etotheng.

Sweeet, aight bro. let me know when you ship it ok, thanks, very good deal.

Lumines sold to Ikozushin.

lawlz, you sold the Lumines I GAVE you! :rofl:

Bump, and price drops on some of the things that did’nt get sold. Trying to avoid Ebay.

Mega Man 2 is sold!

I’ll take FF7 and FF9

PM sent, hopefully you meant FF8 and not 7. :sweat: