FS: Radeon HD 6950 2 GB (SOLD!) + Asus Gaming Laptop (SOLD!)

Everything sold! Thanks, guys. =)

Dropped price to $400.

not trying to be a jerk or anything but 400 is a bit too much for that laptop.

Why is this? Your average APU netbook runs about the same price but run slower than this laptop. You started adding any dedicated graphics and it easily puts you to 500-600. Yea, they have i5’s but I guess $400 seemed like a good compromise. This ain’t no slacker, fo’ sho’.

How much did you pay for the windows 7 upgrade?
and also does it includes MS office 2010? or Offie 07
Reason why i am saying this is because none of this was said in your post. plus most laptops have a three year life before you have to upgrade again.

again not trying to be a jerk and all but thats just my personal opinion seeing i am in the IT field.

Oh, cheap, remember when they gave student discounts when win7 just came out? probably like 40 bucks or something. and it only has openoffice, which is the same thing.

On a side note, I did get this in my e-mail, though…

“I am a female escort and wanted to know if you would be willing to trade your laptop for my services.
I am a 5 foot 4 petite blond, 120lbs. I have enclosed a pic. I live in Bronx and have no
problem coming to you. Please let me know either way, thanks.”


Pics of blonde!

“Ask and ye shall receive.”


Anal for a laptop?
might be worth it if she’s into being tag teamed.
You gotta make it worth your time/money

As my friend said to me, “You already get that for free, man.”

EDIT: when you mentioned tag team, I thought cross art shenanigans from SFxT. xD

Yea it’s not trade for sex it’s trade for the fucked up shit your gf/on the reg hit and run’s will not do.

Lowered price, added an item. :smiley:

That “escort” offer was probably a sham. It’s really ridiculous and disgusting that people would do something like this to scam someone. What’s even sadder is that fact that there are people out there that’ll fall for this kinda crap. #sadnessoverwhelmsme

BTW- I wish I had the dough for that video card. It’s a beast.

It sure is, Lefty. if it strikes your fancy enough, we can negotiate a lower price, thinking $220. Let me know.

Pm’d about laptop

PM replied.

so i deleted my comment to reply again…
200 for the video card with the shipping included.

Edit - http://stores.tomshardware.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=852063365/search=GTX 560 ti
i guess your right, a 560ti its 235 new but it comes with a lifetime warrenty no?

Nah brohan, that isn’t even a real 560ti, did you see the reviews? :rofl: My price stays firm. $230 + shipping

Laptop on hold for Kid Kaos.

Final price drop for graphics card.