FS: Random Arcade Stuff - MVS, Art, Manuals, Posters, etc


Ok, trying to clean up some of the clutter in my office/garage! Here is a bunch of random stuff that has accumulated over the last few years. The more you buy, the more likely I am to make you a deal :smiley: Located in US, but will ship abroad. Payment via PayPal:

http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee311/undamned_photobucket/4_SALE/th_DSC08285.jpg http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee311/undamned_photobucket/4_SALE/th_DSC08287.jpg
Super Dodgeball Kit - cart, translight, papers, etc. All Original! - $225

http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee311/undamned_photobucket/4_SALE/th_DSC08232.jpg http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee311/undamned_photobucket/4_SALE/th_DSC08231.jpg
Samurai Shodown V Kit - cart, uncut/unused header, papers, etc. All Original! - $150

19XX Manual (orig.), Move Strip (orig.) Inst. Sheet (copy) - SOLD -
Waku Waku 7 Flyer - $10
Arika Newsletter - $3
Breakers Translight - SOLD -
Soul Calibur Promo Brochure - SOLD -
Ehrgeiz Huge Sticker! - $10

Street Fighter EX Secret File** - SOLD -**
Battle Circuit Secret File** - SOLD -**
Project Justice/Rival Schools Secret File** - SOLD -**
Konami Fighting Bujutsu : Wu-Shu Fan - $3
Virtua Fighter 3 POP/Promo - $3

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Poster (folded) - SOLD -
Ultra X Weapons Poster (folded) - $10
Quiz Nanao Dreams Manual (orig.)** - SOLD -**
Secret File Sticker - $1
Project Justice/Rival Schools Sticker Sheet - $10

Thanks! :smiley:


What are the “Secret files”?

I’m thinking I’m going to grab that PJ Sticker sheet off of you…


Capcom released some really cool “files” for many of their arcade games. They features preliminary art designs and other fun nick-nacks. Just google “capcom secret file” and you should find some more info.

Do it! :smiley:


Super Dodge Ball is sooooooooooooooo tempting!!!


Stuff is still available, guys! :smiley: