FS : Random games , 360/GC/ps2/DC/GBA/DS/ect , other stuff

Yo, ill be updating this thread as i find more stuff to put online here to sell.
i need money asap to pay for a upcoming vacation ^-^ so help a srk’er out :blush:
I keep my games in excellent condition, all complete with manual, box, everything! , unless noted in the item. ill post pic’s upon request. Shipping costs depend on where your located. Sorry no shipping out of the U.S.

Xbox 360

Tomb raider Legend : 20$
Burnout Revenge : 22$
Call of Duty 2 : 15$


i have a extra copy of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue , i let a Ex borrow it and havent seen it in years so i bought this copy online but never played it, ran into her recently and got my original back :slight_smile:
and is complete with everything, the map, 3 game discs , the making of lunar 2 , the soundtrack, leather manual , standees, pendant,Map , ect. The only thing is the box itself has a bit of wear on the bottom, ill take a pic if you want, but the discs work perfectly and is complete ~ 55$


Conker Live and Reloaded : 12
DOA Ultimate : 15$
Ninja Gaiden : 11$
Capcom vs Snk 2 : 15$
Prince of persia and the sands of time : 10$


Timesplitters 2 * sealed copy * : 15$ :party:
Soul Calibur 2 : 8$
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat !! * sealed copy * 15$ :party:

Nintendo DS

Starfox Command : 16$ i played it like once o.o


Reviera The promised land * passed it once * : 20$
Final Fight One : 7$ :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2 :

Onimusha 2 : 10$

Dreamcast : bangai-O * rare shooter, i have the game mint/flawless , never played but only have a case for it, no manual * 30$


Dirty Pair Flash Volume 1 - 8$
Love Hina Vol 1 - 8$

Im going to put these on SRK a week before i put them on ebay, im giving you guys first Dib’s, if not, ill put it on ebay and put a link here for whoever wants these. dont want to let em go , and i dont know how many of my collection ill put up here, so ill just see as time goes by. Prices might be a bit high but these only apply to the collectors out there.

Lost Planet Mech figure PTX-40A - 7$ * sealed *

will update the thread when i find more stuff laying around that i decide i want to put up for grabs for srk. :shy:

Bump for a good copy of lunar. Seen the game myself and its in good condition.

Pm for the riviera dios.