FS: Random parts including Sanwa/Seimitsu/Namco/Agetec/Hori

Okay over the years, for some reason I just kept all these random parts. They have been amassed from various projects for myself and other people. I don’t know if anyone will want them but I figured I’d throw it out there.

I have labeled all the parts stating what manufacturer/joystick they came from. I am only selling these in sets. These parts were all in working order when I took them out of the sticks I was modding so they should still be working now.

Prices DO NOT include shipping because I’m hoping people will buy more than one set and I will just combine shipping and give you ACTUAL shipping quote (I have a scale). If you buy 3 or more sets (not including Agetec PCBs), I will give you at LEAST one set free (cheapest valued set).

Here’s a pic of the whole lot:



1 Sanwa JLF plate: $4 each plus shipping
1 Seimitsu LS-32 (-01) plate. These were specifically made for CERTAIN control panels and as far as I know are no longer made by Seimitsu: $6 each plus shipping


4 Agetec set (6 buttons and balltop): $4 each plus shipping



1 New HRAP3 button set (with same microswitches used by Seimitsu): $8 plus shipping


1 US T5 Hori set (8 red action buttons and 2 yellow start/select buttons): $5 plus shipping


1 Namco complete set (6 buttons and 1 balltop): $4 each plus shipping
3 Namco button sets (6 buttons): $3 each plus shipping



Random balltop set (3 grey balltops): $3 plus shipping


3 Seimitsu balltops (1 pink and 2 green): $1.25 each plus shipping


1 Guilty Gear ASCII Stick set (5 red action buttons, 1 start/select button, 1 balltop): $3 plus shipping



1 Virtua Stick Pro set (8 green buttons, 8 pink buttons, 1 green balltop, 1 pink balltop): $10 plus shipping



2 Hori sets (7 buttons, 1 balltop): $4 each plus shipping



Random stick parts (Hori joysticks, random plastic pieces, e-clip, random stick shafts, etc): Free (just pay shipping)


pm sent for agetec pcbs.

Pm sent for all sorts of stuff

PM sent about the JLF plate(s).

if you still have agetec pcb and a JLF shaft I’ll take one. let me know.

PMs have all been answered.

shrimpnoodles: The Agetec PCBs are still available. The shafts are not JLF shafts. They are Hori shafts. As of right now they are still available.


what is the price of the pcb

Sorry AMB, the PCBs JUST got shipped out about an hour ago. : ( I had updated the first post but I didn’t announce it.

The first page is current though. Everyone who bought something should check their PMs for delivery confirmation #.


Okay Mikei has most of the stuff on hold.

The Sei balltops, the T5, Guilty Gear, Namco, and Agetec sets are all still available. Only one Sanwa plate and Sei plate are left.