FS: rare arcade sticks. Femme fatale/comic con and more


Hey guys I’m in class right now and started thinking that I should sell a few of my sticks.

I have:
Dual modded femme fatale stick (360 originally)
Dual modded comic con stick (360 originally)
Dual modded blazblue (360 version)
Xbox 360 chun li
Ps3 blazblue stick

I’m trying to get 280 shipped for the ff and CC stick

200 for the dual modded blazblue

220 for the chun li

180 for the ps3 blazblue

Ill post pics when I get a chance. Thanks for looking

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$280 for both the FF and Comic Con stick? Or $280 for each, separately? I’ll take em if it’s the former.


Lol no of course not. 280 for each!!!

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Nooo Mike why are you getting rid of them?


Lol johnny I didn’t know you were on srk. I just wanna free up some space they’re nice to have and look at but I think I should just get rid of them

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That is an amazing list of sticks you have for sale. With that being said Frozen, i think you are asking for a bit too much. For example, a few posts below you someone is trying to get $180 shipped for a Xbox Chun stick that hasn’t had luck yet. If you are serious in moving them you might want to lower the prices a bit or make it OBO. Just a suggestion man. Also, i take it they are all complete with boxes and foam inserts?


Thanks liquid. Will do!!!

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mind posting where you’re located, and how the sticks were dual modded (imp + cthulhu/chimp/kitty)?


i actually wouldnt mind seeing some pics…interested in the CC or FF