FS - Rare Capcom fighting games (Toronto)

Hey guys, I have a copy of

Rival Schools - 40
Darkstalkers 3 - 25
arcana heart - 25
alpha anthology - 20
street fighter anniversary collection - 20
Capcom vs SNK 2 - 35
Street fighter ex3 (no case or manual but the disc is in good condition) - 20
Sanwa 8 way gate restrictor - 4

If there is interest from those out of the toronto area you can PM me and we can work something out but I’d rather meet locally although I know this severely reduces my chances of selling these.

They are all in pristine condition that includes cases and manuals.

Is that a normal 4/8-way gate or is it the octogon gate? If its the octo-gate, how much shipped to 01002?

console?? pcb?

What console are these games in?

if the anniversary is for ps2 i will take it.

capcom vs snk 2

Pm sent

sorry they’re all ps1/ps2 games

what part of TO are you in, im interested in anniversary collections and possibly others

I’m next to ossington station but I can meet anywhere on the subway line. If you live far from me I’d rather we meet somewhere in the middle though

is street fighter anniversary collection ps2?

I’m interested in the Alpha collection @ 47715

Are any of these actually rare?

Oh yeah. I have all of these except arcana heart.