FS - Red Octane joystick case $35


Hi, I’m selling a red octane joystick box for 35 bucks shipped. It’s empty, but has the black casing intact, and the plastic for the top, which has a few scratches but nothing terrible.
I don’t have photos, but I can post up here later tonight if I get the chance.

The same case as described here:

This case fits happ/IL buttons and I would recommended installing something like the Ultimarc version of the sanwa JLW in it. Goes by this name on the site:
J-Stik (Japanese) Ball-Top (Sanwa JLW-TM-8)

The reason for this, is that the case is somewhat shallow, and it has a thick mounting depth making normal sanwa sticks seem too short. You can install a happ stick in here, but you would need to make more room on the bottom of the case so it will clear.


Color me interested. How big are the button holes? And do you recommend the stick because a JLF wouldn’t work for some reason or would there be additional modding to be done on it? Also yes please for the pictures :slight_smile:

Edit: Do you have a measurement for the top’s thickness?


So there’s no way to fit any type of sanwa buttons in it? Just looking for clarification.


JLF might work, but the stick that was originally in there was a knock-off JLW. JLF has a short shaft and you’ll need to put some kind of washer under the balltop to raise it up if you go that route.
If you put sanwa buttons in it, you will have to widen the holes to 30mm. Right now it fits american style buttons such as Happ competitions. I don’t have measurements for the thickness of the case, but I do know that if you put an ultimarc shaft in a JLW, or just buy the whole stick from them, it will fit just fine and you won’t have to drill new holes for mounting.

Installing sanwa buttons into these cases is a pain in the ass. The top panel would need to be routed out due to it’s thickness, and the holes would need to be widened, which is difficult to do accurately.


Whatever, I want it. PM’d. :bgrin:


I think this things accounted for. Please close.