FS: Red SFxT Fightstick Pro (Limited Edition) and Injustice Fight Stick. Both for XBox 360

Hey all I’m saving up money to buy the VS. Edition and I’m looking to get rid of these two sticks.
I still have the boxes for each of them.
The Injustice Stick was used only once to test buttons. I have the box. No damage at all whatsoever.
The Red Fightstick pro was used for about a month. Box Included. I did however open to change the select button to the 4th punch button and the star button to the 4th kick button.
If you’d like I can easily return them to their respective places.
There are a couple of scratches that aren’t even noticeable but the main issue is there is an air bubble on the art I’ll post pictures soon. Otherwise the stick looks pretty good.

I’d like 90 for the Injustice Stick but if that’s high I can vary it around.
I’d like 120 since it’s limited edition but if you’re not a collector I’ll try to lower the price.
I’ll sell them together for 160. 50 bones off isn’t bad at all.
Red SFxT (Temporarily Unavailable)


Weird air bubble



any pics?

Oh shit lol sorry nobody was commenting so I forgot. It’s pretty late but 100% will tomorrow.
You interested in either?

i wish I had money right now.ahha i would jump on both! good luck on sale. should sell quick. but If I get some dough, I’ll hit you up :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just an update, photos are up.

Yeah I’m looking for a high end stick for 360. I’m interested in the sf x t stick. I’d prefer the buttons be switched back to it’s factory settings. My zipe code is 07646, just letting you know for the shipped price. (NJ) Let me know and we can work something out.

Great I’ll get back to you later today if that’s alright.

Hey, I was wondering where you were located. If you are somewhere in the SoCal area I would like to pick them both up for $150. I am a serious buyer and would like to meet up asap!

Well I’m in NY and the absolute least I’d ever sell both for was 160 minus shipping so I don’t think so.

Also I’m very sorry to everyone at the moment but the person who gave me the Red SfxT stick needs it for something so it will temporarily not be open to buyers.
I’m very sorry to colla and anyone else that made a request this was the last thing I expected but it should be back on sale soon.

Yezzir. Where do you live?