FS refurbed Finkle Stick

Price dropped -$155
This needs to go now.

Edit: NOW ACCEPTING TRADES. Looking for a PSP or DS.

I bought this finkle stick used in pretty crapped up condition. I stripped the paint on the sides and sanded for a brushed aluminum finish and recoated the frame with sexy white paint. And then I realized I don’t use american sticks so I’m selling it here. Yay. Comp stick with Comp buttons. Artwork is from a cut up bionicle comic if not only because whatever artist lego commissioned is amazing. It can be replaced.


Honesty time: The paint does kinda cave in at some places because of uneven coatings of paint when I covered up the chipped areas. There should be no more than 2 of these valleys on the edges, and a few more in inconspicuous spots in the corners. In any case, no metal is showing through. When I say cave in, I really mean you probably won’t notice unless you’re paying very close attention. It’s unnoticeable anymore than 2 feet away. I wouldn’t even consider this a defect…

Parts inside are used though I have no idea for how long. In light of that, I’ll include a couple cherry switches in case any of the current switches fail.

Third party dual shock PSX PCB, i see no reason why it wouldn’t work for PS3 with an adaptor but I wouldn’t be able to say for sure. PCB has been tested with my EMS USB2 adaptor and works perfectly. Also I think I left the rumble motors if you’re that kind of person ;).

Oh, the cord is no longer blue and sexy but grey and fugly since I changed the PCB so sorry about that :(.

Asking 155 shipped

o_O im at work and the images wont load. but i want dibs on this until i can see the pcitures at home ^^

bumpity bump. Urth has dibs though lol.

bump, it’s still for sale…

price is negoitable. Artwork can be changed as well.

accepting trades now.

price dropped to 155. This needs to go.

bump, last bump I guess.

PM sent

that is sexy as hell.