FS: Region-free Dreamcast+2controllers+accessories

Hi, it’s come to my attention I own too many damn dreamcasts (7 to be exact). So I’ve decided to sell one. My friend Koji picked this up for me when if he was coming back from Akihabara. I played it for 2 months then never touched it.

This is a full region-free DC, no boot disc needed for either japanese or american games, 2 original 1st party controllers with VMUs, S-video cord, A/V and power cables and the Official Dreamcast carrying case. I’ll also include a UPTOPIA boot disc and some random games on the side.

I originally payed 280$ for this, but I do understand how no one will pay that now a days, So I’m just going to throw out 75$ + shipping OBO

Now here are the pics.


System& controllers

Marquee of the bag

S-video cable

Thanks for looking, hopefully it can find a good home.

Can you be specific on the games?

Project Justice, Cvs2,Mvc2, 3s, Vampire Saviour, Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Mvc2 Remixed, Gigawing 2, Shikigami no Shiro 2, and some homebrew games.

PM for ya…

Bump for you!

I just wantd to interject and say I also own 7 Dreamcasts. I bought a “lot of broken dreamcasts” off ebay with the intent to repair / harvest for parts. None of them were broken!

So now I have lots of spares.

mikei can i buy/trade for a dreamcast and a copy of mvsc2?

yea same here, I am not completely sure on the dc cuz i might need a new once (the one i bought off of someone is screwing up, ill have to see). And is the remix mvc2 with custom music? If someone has one with custom soundtrack I would like one. Would do it myself but it seems to tedious to try and learn it.


Ya tha “mvc2 remixed” is with custom music.

SHOO: Sure! what you offering up?

for trade i have a t5 hori
and cash ;p

Ok let me go dig one out of the labyrinth, I’ll hit you with a PM when I find one that works.

as long as i can play mvsc2 on it, thats all i need

final bump before Ebay

I’ll offer you a SFAC Stick with Happ parts for the set.