FS: Samsung Galaxy Tag 7.0" Spring *NEW*, Canon SD1000 Underwater Housing, Broken Canon SD1000


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0" Spring BRAND NEW STILL SEALED
I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab that I am looking to sell. I’m looking to get rid of it for $300 shipped.

Here are some pics of it in the box:

Canon WP-DC13 Underwater Housing for Canon SD1000
This is used and has some signs of wear and tear, however it works flawlessly still. One of the little “clips” for the shoulder strap was lost but I have just tied the strap on instead and it can easily be untied. It has the flash thing still included as well, and the O ring is in perfect condition, which is used to keep the seal. I also have like 1/2 the tube of the gel that you put on the O ring to help guarantee the seal. You only use a TINY bit every time you use it.


Here are pictures of the actual item:

Here are some various pics taken from Maui, Barbados, and Cancun

I’m asking $120 shipped for this case. The cheapest I see brand new ones on google are $150 + shipping.

Canon SD1000 - Broken with Lense Error
I had this for a quite a bit and was going to get another one to replace it so I could keep my underwater stuff, but I decided to just get the S95 and underwater housing for it instead. So I’m going to just sell this on here broken. It has a lense error. Anyone familiar with the Canon loyalty program knows that you can trade in a broken camera to get 20% off of a refurb camera, so this could potentially save you $100+ on a DSLR.

It is for the broken camera only nothing else.

Here are some pictures:

I’m asking $25 shipped for the busted camera, and I will probably just pack it in a padded envelope.

I have a lot of feedback from trading on anandtech forums back in the day, link provided below, and I can provide an ebay feedback as well if necessary. PM me if interested in anything.



hit me up if you ever selling the samsung tab for way lower