FS: sanwa jlf, buttons, red TE bezel, and something else


first things first, local deals only cuz i suck at shipping. i live in victorville (IE area in socal) and i can meet as far as ontario mills. and i sometimes go to Rd1 arcades so a meet up there is also possible.

this is a dual modded TE…i’m selling the guts of it. it’s a ps3 TE with a hacked 360 pad…imp switch in the cable storage area. since the case is all kinds of jacked up, i’m only selling it for the price of the guts. you can take it out and drop into your own project or something
side note: for some reason the [] button in ps3 mode doesn’t register, but it works on xbox just fine…it only occurred recently. i’m not sure how to go about fixing it cuz i’m not good at wiring/soldering stuff

parts from MvC TE.

6 sanwas from my other TE

dual modded TE guts: $50
jlf: $16 (would you need the screws to mount it? nevertheless they’re there)
bezel: $10
buttons: $2.25 each

PM if you have any questions

thanks for looking

if you buy everything, i’ll let it go for $95
(prices negotiable)


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