FS: Sanwa JLF Stick

Hi there, selling my Sanwa JLF joystick out of my T5 mod. Its in excellent shape and has a pink ball top. Only thing is for the life of me I can’t get the ball top off of the shaft. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me, or if pink is your color then this is perfect for you.

$18 shipped within the USA.
Thanks for looking.

does the ball spin in place when you use a screwdriver to hold the base of the shaft?

bump, still available

im interested, but ummm did u just tighten the balltop too tight?

If the balltop can’t come off how can it be installed? lol. Good luck…!!

edit : O yea duh the e-clip thanks KY…

the e-clip comes off…

Turn the stick over…use a large flat head screw driver and hold the stick shaft in place using the groove on the bottom, then loosen the ball top. Should come off easily