Fs/sanwa modded agetec in good condition


up for sale or trade sanwa modded agetec with all sanwa parts and official psx pcb asking 80 shipped but looking for trades preferably a stick that will work for wii http://i399.photobucket.com/albums/pp79/patmonsta/agetec013-1.jpg


you need to upload the pictures and then link them. you can not just link from your hard drive.


sent u a liink through photobucket lol sry im new at this digital camera stuff:looney:


Does the PCB work with PS3 converters? Could you also post a pic of the wiring?


That’s a solid deal right there for anyone needing a good joystick.


i suppose i could put a pic of the inside and im not sure if it works with a ps3 converter never tried but id be willing to bet it does


You got tatsu pat? :3 Bring that by!


Do you still have the Agetec PCB? I know many people would be interested in buying that too.

Good luck with your sale.


i actually have 2 stock agetecs in box in good condition


dang thats a nice stick!!! I like it a lot! hahaha


You sellin 'em?


You looking to sell? :3


$80 shipped for a sanwa mod is a hella good deal, you guys should jump on this. I have sold them for $100+ shipping before easily.


I can get you a HORI Wii stick. PM me. I really REALLY want the Agetec PCB too :wink:


Geez, how is this still avalable? Insane good deal right here…


just the agetec alone is $80 shipped with no mods. Sanwa parts inside? so tempting but i have 4 sticks already


Take that top 8 out of your av, You know you didnt truly win it :3
Pat:Seriously, You looking to sell? I’d be willing to drive up to modesto if you’re willing to sell me one of those agetecs.


lol yup, those agetecs are nicely fine =]

buy from patmonsta! guys a serious 3s beast!


I’ve played him lol.


ill take a hori wii stick for a stock agetec holla back:lovin: