FS: Sanwa modded DC agetec

This is a great stick, works perfectly. Has orange Sanwa JLF stick wirh orange sanwa screw ins. Quick Disconnects.

Painted the crappy stock yellow start button white, there is a white happ style button used on the top for the start button, which never gets pressed accidentally (on the top as in the side where the cord comes out).

There is some light scuffing on the metal plate, no big deal though.

I am looking to get $90 shipped via paypal, any interest?

I also have probably 4 complete sets of stock green goblin buttons and sticks if anyone wants them I’d sell hella cheap. (No pcbs, just sticks and buttons).

Would you be able to get any pictures?

Yeah, post an email address and I can send you some pics!


Ok, pics emailed, $90 shipped within USA :tup:


pix plz.

Re PMed

Pics sent, did you guys get them? I’m not sure if my phone is working with gmail properly.

I haven’t received anything.

I got the pics.