FS: Sanwa Modded Hori Stick $65 Free Shipping


Hey guys, clearing out a few things to make room for new things. :slight_smile:

Sanwa modded hori stick. This is the smaller hori case from a while back. All sanwa parts, 3m di-noc carbon fiber covering, attached 15’ usb cable. It has one of the original ZD encoders inside, so it works for PC and ps3, though no home button for ps3.

It’s in great condition and hasn’t been used a lot since it was wired up. I don’t need this any more, even though the carbon fiber looks great on it.


Price: $65 Shipped

PM me with any questions. :slight_smile:


Buttons are spoken for, feel free to shoot me an offer on the stick. :slight_smile:


Not the guts stick! Think of the kids Nite, think of the kids!

Hopefully you have something even more awesome in the works to replace this one :tup:

Bump and promotion for a great seller and an exquisite stick builder.


Lol, I do already have something in the works. The case is finished, parts arrive today from FA.
I was missing sanwa buttons anyway. :slight_smile:

And thanks for kind words. :slight_smile:


Berserk stick on hold too. I’ll add more as I go through my parts bin. :slight_smile:


The Guts stick…has arrived at its new home…AWESOME WORK, definitely nicer in person.