FS: Sanwa Parts

I have a few things for sale. All prices include shipping to US!

Heres what I got

8x New Blue Sanwa Buttons with Seimitsu Microswitches $25 shipped

1x GT-Y Octagonal JLF Gate. $7 shipped.

PM ME! Images here http://yfrog.com/131001940qjx

If not let me know what you have to trade!

bump. Now looking for trades as well.

bump, op updated.


what are seimitsu micro switches? So these aren’t regular buttons?

Seimitsu (name of company) is the second largest supplier of Japanese Arcade parts behind Sanwa. All buttons come with the actual button and a micro switch in it. When you push the button, it hits the micro switch. The micro switch then sends a signal to the pcb and the pcb sends the signal to the game console and thats how your moves comes out. There are Sanwa buttons with Sanwa micro switches and Seimitsu buttons that come with Seimitsu micro switches. AyoChap is selling mixture. The actual button is Sanwa, but the micro switch inside the button is Seimitsu. Hope that helps.

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