FS: Sanwa Pushbuttons

FS: Sanwa parts

Hi all:

I have Sanwa Joysticks (Pink and Green Ball tops), joystick shaft covers, Octagon restrictor plates, 5 pin joystick cables and of course Sanwa pushbuttons which are available locally :eek: (Low shipping cost from within the US).

Button Types:

Start buttons 24mm
Pushbuttons 30mm


Push buttons - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink
Start buttons - Blue and Yellow

Please visit


for more information

Thanks for your time

I’m gonna neee 2 blue Start Buttons.

I have them

Hi Realyst:

Thanks for your interest. I ship Priority mail (so you can receive fast delivery and a good price) :eek:

Please send me a PM with your address

Just wanted to say I ordered from this fella. He sent it Priority yesterday, and I got it today. Thats next day! I’m sure it’s because we live close to each other, but still. This dude is legit.

Do you carry just Sanwa buttons or do you carry more Sanwa supplies? Im pretty sure that if carry tons of Sanwa stuff, it would sell like crack…

I second that. If you can get a hold of Joysticks, 5 pin harness, and the circular restrictor. You will be a GOD among men.

forget the buttons dude, u need to get more japanese snacks!

Working on it

Hi All:

I am working on trying to buy some Sanwa Joysticks (JLF-TP-8Y). What color would you all be interested in I have a select of pink, green, and red (I am going to order about 50 start off with, I know it be hard, but something everyone would want & also purple and dark blue start buttons).

About more arcade parts, sorry, I have to start small (Shipping is a real bitch for heavy items) & have other vending machines I have to keep filled. But as I get bigger, I want to stock more parts.

Lastly, I do need to put some more Japanese snacks on the website. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for all your great questions


I say order all 3 colors. I know I’d be interested in Red for sure. But I know people that would take Pink for Virtua Fighter. And Green??? Why the hell not.

Well, from surfing the sanwa site, I’m aware that there are 2 different red sticks. Since I don’t read japanese, could you shed some light on this for me. I was interested in the darker red one because (I think) it would match the happ comp buttons I decided to use… However I couldn’t figure out how to order from sanwa myself, and went with a red happ comp stick during the interim. Would you mind shedding a little light on this subject for me? Is there a difference between the two sanwa sticks that are different shades of red?

If you could clear this up, I’d be mighty grateful.

You should get some of those japanese sodas, the one in the metal bottle(forgot what they’re called). I’ve tried the melon and strawberry flavor and they’re fannnnnnnnntastic. I buy em at my arcade btw. The guy here also has this soda that comes ina clear bottle, and theres a marble on the inside. You have to pop the marble to drink it. Tasted like sprite remix.

As for food items, pockies are always good, I dont really know what other snacks japan has though. Maybe you can get some really weird snack. I saw some doreamon gum at this one import site.

I’ve had that marble soda when I was in Richmond, VA. I drank that stuff everytime I went for a sushi lunch. I can’t remember the name though.

awww man, its all about the Ramitsu Sour, I found one on one of the last days I was in japan when I was visiting my bro. Basically they take this ordinary Ramitsu sprite-ish drink, they make the can HUGE, then they add a crap load of vodka and call it sour. It was sooo good. Yah you probably couldn’t stock alcohol though… You should stock those koala cookies, the chocolate banana flavor came out when I was there, good shit all alround.

Hey Himura, if you can get the Sanwa pushbuttons with the screw nut and microswitch shown here: http://www.sanwa-d.co.jp/p_p-button4.htm I will buy some and probably alot more later down the line.

Working on it

Any chance of you getting some JLF-TP-8Y-SKs, or the JLF-CD Shaft Covers separately?

Will you be expanding the color selection if this goes well (like getting Red or Vermillion OBSF-30s)? I’ve been looking to get a Black Sanwa joystick forever.

And lastly, if you were able to get GT-Ys (Octagonal Restrictor Plates) or JLF-H cables I’d kill for you.

Are there two different model numbers for the two different sticks? Then they’ll differ, but usually in a way that is obvious like having a griddle or not, or coming with a shaft cover. As far as I know, most of Sanwa’s stock is available in the colors listed here (http://www.sanwa-d.co.jp/p_lball_color.htm) unless you go for a Bat handle or a different Ball-top, like the LB-35 or 45. The two reds are Vermillion (shown in the VF4 set) or basic Red.

Ah,now I see. Thanks!

Hi All

I just finish writing a long reply with picture, but it all got erased :mad:

I wanted to answer some questions:

To The Realyst, coN, B_IzM, gaijin, Acheron

I first off thanks Acheron for explaining to gaijin about the joysticks and The Realyst for such kind words :smiley:
My next order (I trying for mid-next week) is going to be for 50 Sanwa Joysticks JLF-TP-8Y (I’m thinking 18 green, 16 pink, 16 red) and Sanwa start buttons OBSF-24 (purple and dark blue 24mm). If things go well, in the future I will expand my select of parts (Joystick balls in diffrenrt colors, 5 pin harness… excellent idea, circular restrictor, various buttons, control panels, etc ) & even take requests (I’ll just tack it on my order, but not yet). I’m starting small, so I learn the system and give everyone high quailty service & products :eek:

Dreaded Fist, Shin Ace and Cthulhu32 :

Pocky & koala cookies is do able and I have some ideas on some other snacks.

Funny you should mention the mable soda. It’s called Ramune Drink. It’s made by Shirakiku (Which make some great stuff marshmallows also). I just saw the drink last week and tried it out. I was in a rush and didn’t follow the instruction (ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS), it exploded all over me. It’s not pop top, but involved process (as I learned quickly). I have a picture (Second time it cause me trouble), but it was to big so I lost my first post and had to retype everything. Anyway, if you all are interested, I pick some up. I’ll post picture after I post this.
Thanks for you time:D

If possible, of those fifty, can you order 1 JLF - TP - 8YT? Its the same as the JLF-TP-8Y but it has a plate along with it. I will buy this from you for sure if you get it for me.

I feel greedy… :frowning:

Ramune pics

Here is the link:

Japanese Drinks

PS: Dreaded Fist is the drink your talking about in a metal can Calpis or Pocari Sweat (I think both of these come in metal can)

Take it easy:D

the marble drink i tried looked different though, the bottle had some waves engraved on it and its slimmer. Its only 6oz btw or maybe less.

The metal bottle drink I saw was also different. the bottling looks like those energy drinks, all metal, I guess it keeps the drink cooler.

Btw these are just suggestions, get whatever you feel is good lol.

Maintaining a steady diet with these will be tough lol, I imagine I’d buy a few just to collect or have around.