FS: Sanwa/Seimitsu modded sticks

Hey again, everyone.

I finally got around to finishing a few modding projects that I had started during the cold winter months (when I couldn’t build custom sticks).


I just finished these last week and here they are up for your perusing pleasure.

All prices INCLUDE shipping within the US. If you want more than one for some reason, I will combine shipping. I accept PayPal and USPS Money orders.

I have highlighted the work done on these sticks but haven’t gone into full detail. If you have any questions, feel free to post.

Four Leafs (Hori Real Arcade PS) - SOLD

  • Sanwa JLF, Sanwa JLF-CD, Sanwa OBSF-30, and Sanwa SDM-20
  • Plexiglas and artwork
  • Quick disconnects
  • Sony PS digital PCB


Falling Rose (Sammy Guilty Gear Stick) - SOLD

  • Stock stick (JLF clone) with octagon gate (square will be included) with Sanwa LB-35, and Sanwa OBSF-30
  • Plexiglas and artwork
  • Quick disconnects


Namco Stick Mod - SOLD

  • Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF-30
  • Quick disconnects


Hitsugaya (Hori Fighting Stick PS) - SOLD

  • Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu PS-14-G
  • Plexiglas and artwork
  • Quick disconnects
  • Rapid fire option


Jade Blade (Sammy Guilty Gear Stick) - SOLD

  • Sanwa JLF, Sanwa JLF-CD, and Sanwa OBSF-30
  • Plexiglas and artwork
  • Quick disconnects


Of course you guys can always wait it out a bit and I might lower the prices in a couple weeks. : )


damm, i could have bought and already made stick:xeye: i just spend 70 bucks on sanwas parts.

your prices are great, i wish you could have done this around july, after july 15th i could have bought that Falling rose stick.:crybaby:

just curios though how much to ship that falling rose stick to mexico

zip code is 77400

These are awesome deals, good luck with your sales.

I hope you’ll have some more like these in a few months :frowning:

Heyas Paik…you gots PM :smiley:

I sent a pm as well

First post updated with HOLDs and SOLDs. All PMs replied as of now are answered.


Sorry hanz0. I forgot to answer you. I would have to weigh the sticks to get an estimate. Right now the Namco stick (as an example) would be about 5 pounds and would cost $29.50. It might be cheaper with FedEx or UPS but I would have to check. Also, the Namco stick is probably the lightest of all these sticks.


dang those are such nice looking sticks … beautiful work Paik. wish i had gotten here earlier … for reference, how much did the modded hori (Hitsugaya) go for?

kanoha stick for 50 bucks. sell it to me. :slight_smile:

Paik do you by any chance have a tutorial on modding GGXX sticks?

Sold for $100 shipped.

Suck it, Som. Go measure some straight lines.

No, I never make tutorials because I hate stopping what I am doing to take pictures. Also, a lot of time when I mod, it’s the same basic steps used for other mods, but other times I have to come up with new solutions to overcome random problems I come across. Making a mod guide is a lot easier to do after you’ve done a couple of mods for a certain stick successfully and know what you’re doing.

Here’s some advice. The stick in the GG stick is a Sanwa clone. I’ve covered this before in a thread detailing the very few differences. That being said, you can remove the stock joystick and swap in a JLF with little to no problems. You can also choose to mix and match parts if you don’t want to remove the top panel.

The button holes will fit 30mm buttons with very little modding. Obviously if you want a 6 button stick though, you will have to drill a new hole for the 5th button (Forward in SF).

Save yourself some trouble by getting rid of the sub PCB that attaches to the buttons. You don’t need it. There are wires coming from the main PCB that you can cut from the sub-PCB. Use those wires to go to the buttons directly (or splice them to reach the further buttons).


Thanks alot, Paik. That really helps. :tup: I’d rep you if I could~

Damn, wish I saw this thread earlier x.x~

Yeah, out of curiosity how much did the Jade Blade go for? Would’ve loved to pick that up. :crybaby:

It went for $90. Sorry that most of these went so quickly. Most were on hold or paid for within the first hour.

I typically have a policy where anyone who shows interesting in the same 24 hour period would enter a “bidding war” but I found that to be too annoying to deal with for all parties. That’s why this time around I went with first come, first served.

Only Four Leafs is left right now. Although there has been interest no one has requested a hold. I will be selling some stock sticks within the next week or so. Some stuff from my personal collection which I am trying to thin out.


Okay, it is now it looks like everything is sold. The last one is just awaiting payment. Everyone’s stick goes out today that has been paid for.


UPDATE:ITs Works Great!
Thanks Paik! I got it today, havent tried it yet.Its gotta nice sturdy base IMO thats for sure.

hahaha that didnt happen