FS Sanwa Sticks: Custom orange stick and clearance custom red stick

Heya, thanks for stopping by!

First up for grabs is my orange angel stick. Wood used is solid Oak with a nice orange stain. Uses official ps1 pcb, all Sanwa parts (Jlf stick + obs buttons) and Semitsu orange bubble balltop.

Price: SOLD

Now this next one is on clearance. Has all all Sanwa parts (jlf stick + obs buttons) and official Sony pcb.

Price: $110 shipped

PM Sent!

tight lookin sticks, good luck with the sales

Orange stick sold!

I’m lowering the price even further on the clearance red stick to $110 shipped!! Limited time only however, I have prospective local buyers for it but since I posted it up here first I give first dibs to the lovely srk community!:wgrin: