FS: Saturn Stuff, Dreamcast Guns and DS games

Yes I am back, and so everything that was unsold will be up for grab again, along with some DS games that make their way here as a result of my thinning my collection

Virtual On Twin Stick Used without box. Right Stick kind of loose but working. $40+ shipping

Virtual On Twin Stick Very Slightly Used in box. Working flawlessly. $50 + shipping - Sold

All of the following games are for the JP region - All sold
Live Powerful Pro Baseball S - complete with spine card
Doukyuusei if - complete with spine card
Neo Generation - complete with spine card
Street Fighter Zero - game with manual and case only
Riglordsaga - game with manual, case, and movelist table
Riglordsaga 2 - complete with spine and map
King of Fighters 95 - game only with Darius Gaiden case
Vampire Hunter Darkstalkers’ Revenge - game with manual and case only
Virtua Fighter Remix - game with manual and case only
Shining Wisdom - game with manual, card, and case only
Again, I dunno what price I should set for each of these… But I guess it’ll be best if someone can take the whole for, like, 10?

Official JP Dreamcast gun x 3 (one boxed) - $10 + shipping unboxed, $20 + shipping boxed (also has the rumble as in the second pic. $5 for that)

All of the following DS games are for the US region. All comes with the manual
Resident Evil Deadly Silence: Game is played to the end - $25

Animal Crossing: Only several hours into the game - $20

Contact: Got to the second island only - $15

Deep Labyrinth: Started messing with it only for 1 hour I guess - $15

Geometry Wars Galaxy: Played only 3-4 times - $15

Saturn games all sold

Hey dude, thought those sticks were sold? What happened? Welcome back, heh!

Nah I just stored them somewhere over the summer while I was away. Hope I can finally get them sold lol

You lied to me … :frowning:

You said they were sold!!! :arazz:

I hope you’re just kidding.
“The twin sticks, the guns and the games were not sold. They have been shoved away somewhere now.” I said 4 months ago

Don’t make me pull that pm out, I’d pick em them up again, but I am broke, heh. I could have sworn they were sold, or something lol. If they are still here Ill be back :wink:

Bump. The games going on the eBay soon

Boxed Twin Stick sold. Lowered price on the guns