FS: Saturn stuff

I just dug out my JP Saturn Collection (which I thought was long gone). More will be added in the future (as I dig them out). For now we have:

Virtual On Twin Stick Used without box. Right Stick kind of loose but working. $50 + shipping

Virtual On Twin Stick Very Slightly Used in box. Working flawlessly. $60 + shipping

Hori Fighting Stick SS Used in box. Working perfectly. $40+shipping SOLD

Saturn Console Import Japan Region. Clean and white and working perfectly. In box and includes all hook-ups. Dunno what price I should set… let’s say $60 + shipping for know. (Advice me) - SOLD

Saturn Controllers SOLD

Japan version Virtua Stick. Kind of dirty and yellowish. Working perfectly though and buttons are responsive. - $60 + shipping - SOLD

Japan version Virtua Stick. Even more dirty and yellowish. Overlay is slightly peeled. But also working perfectly. $55 + shipping - SOLD

The games:

Live Powerful Pro Baseball S - complete with spine card
Fighting Vipers - complete with spine card - pending payment to clear
Doukyuusei if - complete with spine card
Neo Generation - complete with spine card
Street Fighter Zero - game with manual and case only
Riglordsaga - game with manual, case, and movelist table
Riglordsaga 2 - complete with spine and map
King of Fighters 95 - game only
Vampire Hunter Darkstalkers’ Revenge - game with manual and case only
Virtua Fighter Remix - game with manual and case only
Shining Wisdom - game with manual, card, and case only
Street Fighter Collection - complete with 2 discs, manual, and spine card - SOLD
Darius Gaiden - CASE ONLY NO GAME, but with manual and spine
(Note the KOF is inside the Darius case)

I don’t know what price I should set for the games… so just send me your best offers

May have more in the future. I’m pretty sure I have a gun or two

Other stuff (photo coming soon)
[COLOR=“royalblue”]PS2 Virtua Fighter 4 Arcade Stick boxed - 55 + shipping - SOLD
Official JP Dreamcast gun x 3 (one boxed) - 20 + shipping unboxed, 30 + shipping boxed

US Playstation 2 with hook-ups and controllers - looking at around 40 +shipping. Make an offer! - SOLD

2 Wii DVD drives. They are the older D2B version which is easier for you-know-what. Didnt personally test them but the place I bought they from says they test them before sending them out. Originally planned for use in a Wii that I never got the chance to repair. - $130 shipped a piece

Last chance to grab things from me!

Price is negotiable!

So the twin stick is back, whats up with that? And how come used is more expensive than new lol! I see no box! O-o

I just dug recently and realize I have two more of those sticks…
You say the price is higher than before? I don’t remember the price I set last time so I set it again from memory. Is that really higher lol?

kinda lol, pmed.

Added new stuff and updated prices!


would you like trade to my stick for Hori Fighting Stick SS Used in box?

when you come down on price for the sticks/console, (because they are worth less brand new in box) be sure to pm me, i am interested.

The controllers are parted and sold. Price on the console adjusted accordingly
SS Fighting Stick also sold
Please make an offer if you think price is too high. I’m moving soon and whatever is not sold goes to the junkyard. So give me the best you can afford and we can work something out

Update your first post and delete the sold stuff, so its easer, since the pics take alot of space, and don’t junk anything, if it comes to it, Ill pay shipping for it to come to me :karate:. Right now I am banned from everything, but I shall return!! :slight_smile:

First post was edited just didnt delete the pictures. (Wanted to keep track of what’s sold and what’s not) Maybe its confusing with the pics? Deleted now

Yea or change the colors on sold, etc, since it scrolls the screen. I normally don’t have problems, but I am on my laptop atm, which skews the screen horribly. Ill pick up those things off ya, when I can in May. :wink:

Already gone in May dude… Next week is like last chance

One game and console sold

All going to eBay if not sold tonight
Price may be higher, may be lower
But the chance of you getting it will definitely be lower!

:(, can’t save a twin stick for me :frowning:

Hmm, I can save one for you. :wgrin: You sure you’ll have the money right?

Final items added

Found a PS2!

Lol, how do you keep finding stuff Serpentarius, hahah.

Still more to come! (I am cleaning room you see)
Put up 2 Wii drives. PS2 and one game sold