FS: Sealed PS3 & 360 games, SF4 Wall Scroll, TE Stick. *TRADES WELCOME*


alright guys i’m moving to another city so i gotta sell off some stuff.

Sealed PS3 games:
Simpsons Game $19 shipped
Ratchet: 30 shipped

Lego Star wars saga: $17 shipped

Gran Turismo 5: 30 shipped (not sealed)

Xbox 360:
Ninja Gaiden 2 (sealed): 19 shipped
Used Wireless Official controllers: 27 shipped

Pure: 13.50 shipped (sealed)

SF4 promo poster: 10 shipped -Only 1 left!-
http://i24.ebayimg.com/06/i/001/33/5f/9f7c_1.JPG poster


how much for poster


10 shipped for poster.

Just to clear things up Everything is US buyers only with the exception of the 10 dollar posters I can ship those to Canada also.


is the street fighter 4 stick still up for sale?


i will let you know tomorrow if i want that ken poster thing. hold it if you still got it man.



all the stuff here is available unless i update it.

no problem man.

Wall Scroll Added


What colors do you have on the 360 controllers? I’m looking for a matching black one for my elite.


Whats the dimension on the wall scroll?


PM sent about Planet Earth.

EDIT: Disregard PM: I forgot I already found my other 2 planet earth discs. Sorry :frowning:


Hey interested in a SF4 Promo pic. PM :slight_smile:


AL the great is the man! Good person to do business transaction with! Highly Recommended!


22" X 33" (56cm X 84cm)

I have only white 360 controllers left.

I’ve received 2 messages regarding the ken promo poster, both want me to hold it until tomorrow night. so tomorrow night whoever pms me and tell me they have the money ready to paypal it’s who it’ll be sold to. This will be rolled in a hard tube and not folded. Thanks guys.

Thanks Networkingyuppy:cybot:


Ken store display sold.
sf4 promo poster sold (only 1 left now!) hurry!
added Ninja gaiden 2 Xbox 360 sealed.
price dropped on Pure for PC


Interested in AC. Check PM bro.


I’ll take the wallscroll Al. Pm’d


TE stick sold
Assassin’s creed -pending-

UPDATE: everyone’s posters and wall scroll is shipped tonight and tomorrow.

Huge ken poster: i finally found a tube big enough for it today after going to 3 different stores lol. fuckin huge tube.


Al, sent you a pm about GTA, not sure if you got it. PM me your paypal.


Is your planet earth the one with the BBC guy or Sigourney Weaver?


I am down for planet earth, for that price I don’t care who narrates it.


everyone’s pm’s responded.

planet earth SOLD
gta 4 -SOLD
assassin’s creed -SOLD

apprecaite the business guys. it’s helping me out with grocery money this week heh.