FS: SEGA Blast City

I am selling my fully reconditioned Blast City arcade cabinet. I received the cabinet in the following condition and spent a lot of time fixing it back up to JP specs:


It includes the following:

Brand new Japanese Sanwa PFX pure flat tri sync monitor with excellent geometry. Monitor frame was adapted to back mount monitor so that the bezel fit without issues. Has OSD and the control board has been mounted where the original was. Monitor is 31, 24 and 15 khz compatible.

Bezel has been modified with high quality foam so that there are no gaps on the sides.

All original, fully functional Japanese JAMMA wiring as well as naomi/JVS compatible I/O board and PSU with adaptor plugs, CPS2 kick harness, sound amp. Originally a SEGA model 3 cabinet, it has been setup for use with 99.99% of games out there.

Brand new speaker grills from SEGA Japan (last NOS set known).

All brand new side art (full 4 pieces) and brand new control space art strip. These are no longer available as I got the last set from SEGA USA.

Brand new control panel surround with insert yen sticker and chrome coin insert set to take quarters.

Brand new SEGA monitor and hazard warning stickers.

Sanwa Blast City control panel with original wiring and Seimitsu LS 56 sticks and Sanwa RG buttons (NLA) all in mint condition.

Official SEGA locks and 5 pairs of keys.

No cracks on the marque holder or the marque and high quality reproduction marque space (blue header) and fully function ballast and working marque light.

Spare set of full wiring harness and other wire leads, I/O, Blast City marque, monitor bezel and Power Supply, should you need them.

I personally filled, sanded and repainted the service door with high gloss appliance paint so that the bill changer hole is no longer present and patched all holes. It looks very nice and took many attempts to get to a professional level.









Any questions, please ask.

Price is set at $1,900 firm. Local pick-up preferred. Zip code 94403 (Bay Area, Northern California)



sweet cab man! good luck!

Very nice. Looking crisp and clean. Good luck with the sale!

very sexy

Thanks for the comments.

If anyone has any comments please let me know, I figure with all the work that’s been done and the brand new monitor (as well as the spare parts being included), the price is pretty fair.


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that is awesome, best of luck on the sale!

Holy moly this makes me happy in my pants. Best of luck selling that thing. If I had money laying around, I’d pick it up immediately.

Ryan, times are tough and I need money for new spinners for the whip. I’m still keeping my Impress though for the 3S.


Sorry. :sweat:

wow! very nice BC…that capcom impress looks very sexxy too :wink: