FS: SEGA NAOMI (ebay) BP carbon fiber stick (sold) + etc


Thought i would inform the srk community of a Sega Naomi Auction + gdrom setup (complete) i have up for 290+shipping buyout for the whole package. This is a great deal! Also have melty blood act cadenza gd rom for sale under my account if there is any interest.

EDIT i didnt know that if someone bid on it it loses its buyout??? or so it seems on the naomi package.



SOLDGreat for traveling with, roughly 10 hours of use all parts inside are brand new. This is a Big pockets case that has some imperfections to it, but none the less an outstanding case and pictures do not do it justice. Wired for 360, features sanwa buttons and a JLF w/ carbon fiber shaft cover and dustwasher! Asking $150 + shipping SOLD**

Can include octo gate for 2 more dollars.

Also have 2 DS games for sale

Rondo of swords - $10 + shipping

Final fantasy Tactics A2 - $10 + shipping



pm sent


Does the psp come with a charger? Any problems with it? Also, can you give me shipping cost to zip code 90805?


i did an estimate and for 5 business day shipping it would be about $24… i can look into other methods and get back to you

and yes there is a charger, its in good condition, has a clear plastic screen protector to prevent scratches (helicopter grade?)


Bump for the Big Pockets stick. Whoever picks it up is getting the deal of the century.


hotdamn thats awesome. lemme know if anyone falls through on the stick


nobody has claimed or pm’d me about the stick, so if you are interested send me a pm


Your inbox is full :frowning:


case sold.


BP case shipped


Naomi added to see if there is any interest.

I need to buy a bicycle as my road bike was stolen/went missing! :frowning: