FS: Sega Saturn HSS-0130 stick (2P) with ps1/2 pcbs (socal)

i have for sale my last hss-0130 stick with ps1/2 pcbs. p1 side has the ps1 pcb, p2 side has a madcatz. the stick now has obs-30 snap-ins now with a 6 button config (button hole covers). the sticks themselves are the original ls-32. i have rarely used it for reasons i dont understand. i guess it was just cool to keep, but i have other things to take care of. i have the original box, and documents. a true original item for the diehards.

looking to sell for 350 locally. i need to sell by the end of weekend. can meet at FFA on sunday

wish i had the money for that…

350? That seems a little pricey for it, can you give an explanation why the price is so high?

i have one i bought recently. and i love it. so authentic. the price is high because this is a 12 year old japanese only item that is extremely hard to get. also it comes with stock ls 32. and this guy added sanwas. all in all it seems like a reasonable price. someone jump on this. psychedilic u should include shipping … mine was shipped cross country in the original box for like 15$ and it got here fine.

to answer the question earlier, 350 is not really high, if u consider how much custom wood sticks are going for

i guess i’m willing to ship if needed, i just figured someone would reap the benefits by picking it up. you’re right about the rarity of the stick though. even over there, people are still trying to find it at shops and online for less. shops over there usually sell upwards 45000yen if even found


OMFG. That thing is effing sexxxy. UGGGH I wish I hadn’t spent so much money in the last few weeks! What kills me more is that I live in Anaheim so I could pick it up if I had the cash :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’ll trade you my cat…he’s real cute, a fat 20 lb cat, and eats a lot :open_mouth: A companion for life > a cab, right? =D

Seriously though, that thing is hella nice. And looks well preserved.

Any more pics? Any scratches, scuffs, marks, etc? And if you are willing to ship to Daly City 94015, how much total for it?

ill post pics in a bit. the price is shipped/picked up, btw
no kittahs for me




only scratch is on the tag:






I’ll take it. Just got a new better paying job today so why not splurge a little right? PM me your PayPal and I’ll send you the money.

Gah…beat to me it.

Good purchase.

Payment sent :woot:

^ Damn, you kraayyyzee. At least it has a nice home to go to =). I wish I had that kind of money to throw around T_T.

Good job on the sale and purchase!


Paik is selling his right here for 275+ship.

No need to mope.

yes a good second chance at this stick indeed