FS: Sega Saturn Pads (pics added)



I have some extra new, boxed first party sega saturn pads. They are not the huge saturn pads, they are the jap style, i.e. like the usb/ps2 saturn pad. $20 shipped for a pad.

edit: Added a pic. On the right is the one I use on my innovation dc adapter. The rest are boxed up like the one on the left.


Any questions or comments, post here or pm me. Thanks!


Shit, I wish I had money for that. I’m sure someone will pick that up soon.


price drop bump :slight_smile:


how much for just the g6, flashcart and passcard?


80 shipped


one more bump


pm sent


bump: still available


bump: passcard available alone, ds not available


Bump. g6 flashcart and passcard available


Dropped to $60 shipped


Added some saturn pads, and dropped g6 to 50 bucks shipped.


Hey ejdge, your PM box is full so I can’t send you a PM.


I’ll take the G6 Flash lite


bah nvm…


payment pending on the g6 lite


Do you have any pics of the Saturn Pads?


Yeah, i’ll put some up in a bit.


Pics added


will you take $18.00 shipped for the one in bag?
If so P.M. me your Paypal address.