FS: Seimitsu Parts + 3 PCBs + More!

Ok so back about 4 months ago I had great intents and goals to make a killer joystick. Well it fell through pretty much and I dont have the time to do so anymore.

So I’ve decided to sell the parts and stuff and just try to break even. I’m not here to make profit since there are many good deals on these forums anyways for parts.

All of the parts are never used, brand new. The PCBs are tested and never soldered upon, they are clean slates.

Heres whats for sale:

Package One: ** Click for photos.
[1] [2]
[3] [4]
1 x LS-32-01 - White
10 x PS-14-GN - White
2 x PS-14-DN - White
Misc stuff that is included for free for this package:
2 rolls of wire, 2 packages of disconnects.

Package Two: ** Click for photos.
[1] [2]
1x PSOne Series “H” PCB.

Package Three:
Click for photos.
1x PS Dual Shock Series “A” PCB.

Package Four:** Click for photos.
[1] [2]
1x Pelican WIRELESS PCB + USB–>PS2 compatible connector.
Misc stuff that is included for free for this package:
1 Battery 2xAA Terminal for power for the wireless board.

Pricing: (Prices are items + shipping)
Package 1: $45.00
Package 2: $12.00
Package 3: $10.00
Package 4: $16.00

If you combine packages a lower rate of $5.00 off the total for each additional package added. (If you pick 1 + 2, you only pay $52, not $57 and etc…)

If you wish to buy all 4 packages, I will give a very nice discount of $20.00 of the total price!

I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. Its that simple. Items are not shipped until the funds are verified into my account. Ebay-esque style rules.


Items are located in the north-western area of PA, USA.
If you wish for any alternative method of shipping, you will have to pay the difference for that service! *

I would prefer to not ship internationally for the fact of delayed times, duty fees, and increased chances of things being “lost”.

I suggest PM’ing me if you’re interested and leaving a message on this thread. This way not only do others see if there are people interested, but I can reply to you privately in the order that I was asked.

Thank you and good luck.

And if you dislike the numbers I have written, please by all means throw me an offer and we’ll see if its agreeable.

Absolutely no chance of international shipping?

Todays Special!

Buy package 1, get package 2 or 3 for FREE!

I got dibs :open_mouth:

omg… i would have DEFINITELY taken that deal. =\

Packages 1 and 2 are sold. 3 and 4 have now been reduced in price.

Last bump before I consider this dead.

PM sent.

Payment sent for PCB.

Package 4 is now the only deal left.