FS: Seimitsu PS-14-GXN Clear buttons *sold*


Got a total of twenty-four brand new Seimitsu PS-14-GXN Clear buttons bought for various canned projects, thus up for sale. These were Seimitsu’s most expensive high-end buttons but have since been discontinued due to Omron no longer producing the reed relay switches (or so Seimitsu says, Sanwa still seems to be selling their RG series). My buttons all come with black bezels while six of them has blue plungers, another six pink plungers and the final twelve white plungers.



Asking $40 USD for each set of six in the same color and buying multiple sets will get you $5 off for each set beyond the first. Price includes worldwide shipping by standard airmail, insurance is optional but would be $10 extra (sorry I have no control over shipping costs). Payments through PayPal. Thanks for looking!

Edit: All sold!


pm sent


pm sent